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Mimicking its natural habitat, air plants and driftwood are perfect for each other, they like it so much that they will start to grow roots onto the wood

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We also have our air plants in other creative, artsy pots and various containers, take a trip to our gallery for more!

One of the best ways to showcase your air plants. We have many different glass terrarium designs to suit your own personality!

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This hanging ceramic air plant design is perfect for small to medium-sized Tillys in various shapes and forms! Perfect for living room displays by the windows.

Tillandsia tectorum is a highly sought-after air plant. Its densely covered, thick trichomes give it a fluffy, feather-like appearance. Very unique and absolutely beautiful. It is rather rare compared to most other air plants. 

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Air Plant Tillandsia is Perfect As:

-Natural Air Purifier

-Wedding favours & Centerpiece

-Gifts and home decor

-Terrarium DIY Kits