Air Plants: Everything You Need To Know

Tillandsia is the largest genus in the bromeliad family, accounting for at least 550 of the over 2500 species of bromeliads. They come in numerous types of shapes and sizes, some are green and grassy, some are silvery and rosette-shaped, and some can look like mystical creatures!

"Air Plant" Tillandsias are found in various terrain and geological regions, from rain forest to arid desert environments. Thanks to the fact that they are epiphytes, their roots are only used to attach themselves onto other plants or objects, as they only absorb water and nutrients from the air through their leaves.

Because of their soiless nature, air plants are becoming popular every day as outdoor plants and as indoor houseplants. The fact that you can mount or hang them anywhere make them the perfect way to decorate a garden, accent your room, or gift them to your family and friends. Air plants are also becoming one of the most popular favours at weddings and other events.

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